Enough about you. Let's talk about me.

The basics:

Call me MM.

I'm 30 years old and I've been married for two years.

My stats:

* 1 missed MC at 5.5 weeks, followed by 2 D and C's. (OBGYN didn’t get everything the first time. Thank God. I mean, who wants to go a whole week without general anesthesia?)

* 1 round of Clomid.
* 1 canceled IUI, upon learning that I had blocked tubes (which, knock wood, turned out to be untrue).
* 1 canceled IVF cycle. 9 eggs retrieved. 6 were mature. 1 fertilized abnormally, then conked out shortly thereafter...on my 30th birthday. Surprise! Oh it’s a barren womb! You shouldn’t have!
*1 IVF cycle that resulted in a BFN. 15 eggs were retrieved. 7 were mature. 1 fertilized with ICSI. Sound familiar? 3 more eggs miraculously matured and fertilized in the lab. We transfered 4 embroys. None of them took.

* 1 septate uterus, which my recent surgery hopefully rendered a slightly more hospital place to store a fetus for 9 months, although it did not fix the problem completely. I should probably have another surgery to finish the job, but my RE worries that, at this point, the risk of scar tissue is greater than the risk of MC from my stump of a septum. It took a year and a half, 3 different REs, 1 hsg, 2 MRIs and 2 operative hysteroscopies before I got a proper diagnosis (RE #1 said I had a septate uterus, then changed his mind after opening me up. RE #2 just sat there and drooled and RE #3 said RE #1 was wrong, then did the surgery and reported back that my tubes are clear.) That whole ordeal sucked, quite frankly. And tho I'm grateful to RE #3 and will sing his praises over hill and dale, I'm not holding my breath that the structural part of my problem has been resolved. Because based on my own personal experience, nothing seems to get resolved.
* Only 1 kidney, which isn’t unheard of in women who have a uterine anomaly.

What's next:

Fuck if I know.

Why I'm starting a blog:

I have amazingly fabulous friends. But they’re sick of hearing about my uterus. Though I do suspect that they’re all just a wee bit jealous that mine comes in an attractive fashion shape.

What you can expect here at Limbo Party:

* Continuous cocktails!
* An eclectic soundtrack. If you don't already, you will learn to appreciate the musical genius of Lionel Richie. Trust me.
* Waaay too much info. If brevity is the soul of wit, then I’m witless twit. Oh yeah and non sequiturs, typos, misspellings, dangling participles and other copy editing crimes.
* Frequent exhortations to make out and dance! This is a party, after all.