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Glad to see you back :)


Oh sweet jesus do I love you so very much. Sigh. I think I might want to have your babies. Just bear in mind it might take a few years and a lot of money, mmkay?


You're back!!
And thanks for the prodding - will work on posting soon!


Ah the love I feel is overwhelming. All you had to do is start typing, what took you so long??
More news of LL please!


Cuntbag?! Oh, god, I love it!

See how easy posting can be? Just make up a few swearwords by combining a couple together and I fall in love all over again. That may indicate how easy I am, but darling, never cheap.

You have a 1 year old in your home? Holy crap, where did the time go!


Hi- I missed you. I don't get much time to post either, so I can totally relate. BTW, I changed my username and blog name for the public blog. Private blog is still the same (well, different username).


So nice to see you posting again. And sorry it took me so long to get my ass over here!!

I'm glad things are going well with LL. He sounds like a great kid.


Come baaaaaaack!


At the risk of sounding like a big old stalker, please post again someday. You are a big tease, popping up over at Suz's blog like you've never been gone. Sigh.

Am I scaring you yet?

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