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I come from a similar line of crazies. Maybe we're related.

I'm not thankful for why I'm here, but I'm thankful for what I have found.

X had a hemangioma on his buttock that we watched. Funny how I thought it would never go away and thinking about it makes me realize I don't recall when it disappeared.


Blocked tearduct here, hydronephrosis of the (duplex) kidney and two months of cold/cough/bronchiolitis/ear infections (they jump from ear to ear!) - I hate doctors. I hate taking her much, much more.


Whoops! and glad LL's doing well and good luck.


I'm here via DD, somehow I lost you for a while . . . glad you're still writing and that LL is doing well (despite?) the specialists!

I have a new (adoption) blog . . . I'd love to send you an invite, e-mail me at beagleblogger at gmail dot com


This is my first visit to your blog n i liked the way u discuss things is really impressive. I will be a regular reader from now on.

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