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Daniel Craig (007) is the flavor of the month. I can do a lot with those ears.


Gary Oldman will continue to be mine until he looks really old and it dawns on me that having a celebrity crush on a man 25 years your senior is not always a good idea.

Old guys aside, Joaquin Phoenix. Yum.


My movie star boyfriend is entirely and without a doubt His Sexiness Himself Clive Owen. I hated Julia Roberts in Closer -- how could she cheat on that sexy hunk of ass with smarmy slimy Jude Law? I wanted to smack her about the head.


Ooooooh, even though he's also on TV, I've got to go wth Tom Welling. The man is hot, hot, hot and total perfection. Man of Steel, indeed!


Oh, Clive Owen is dreamy but Molly apparently has dibs. So I'll take Colin Firth. I'm a sucker for an English accent.


I love me some Johnny Depp, although I do enthusiastically second Millie's Colin Firth. mmmmmmmmmmm


Come back, mm - PLEASE!

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