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Oh, I'm so sorry about LL! I hope he's feeling better soon, and I'm glad the appointement with Dr. Dragonlady went well. So good to read you again so soon! All the best to you and the whole Limbo Party family!


Hope he gets better soon!


Well...that sucks (the part about LL being sick w/ an ear infection).

But don't get down on yourself. It's a hard line to travel knowing when exactly to seek out a professional, especially as a first time Mom. You are on the right path now, that's all that matters.

And only you could call us "broads" and make it feel like the best compliment in the world.



I'm exhausted just reading about it.


I'm glad you got a diagnosis and he should feel better soon.


So glad you got a diagnosis! Catherine has not so silent reflux and the prevacid has worked wonders. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort now. I hope it works as well for LL. And I felt horrible that it took me so long to get her to the ped when she was struggling with it.


Yay for Prevacid (and for finding a doctor to take the symptoms seriously and DO something - it's ridiculously hard).


Ah that's good - so glad you've got him on something now - good news.

(heh, heh, you had to bring your mommy!)


Glad to read stuff is going well and that LL is growing so well and sleeping through the night!
Both my babies had reflux, one more silent than the other. I just couldn't get the meds down, it was such a struggle and they would scream and choke, very awful for all of us. As soon as they were on solids they were much better, and I think your little one is almost ready for babyrice? What also helps is lifting the head end of their bed so milk stays down. And I hear in some cases a chiropracter can achieve miracles.


The art of bitchcraft! That's GENIUS!!!
Poor lil' LL. I hope he feels better soon.


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