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Well you cracked me up even if you simultaneously horrified me. My experience was similar (being ripped in half, hours of pushing, blue baby) but if yours was a 8 or 9 in terms of horrid-ness, then mine was more like a 2.

I'm glad you are both alright now. How's his shoulder?


Dude, that sounded absolutely painful!!! Hope you're healing and feeling better now. I remember the horrid constipation. I was so scared to have anybody come over to our house because I would run to the bathroom and this totally primal, uncontrollable, screaming, grunting noise would emit. It was sooooo loud and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The only thing that did eventually get me to "go" was drinking warm prune juice. In my opinion, the colace did squat for me.

My son is also the spitting image of my brother which is very freaky. I look at him and think, "how the hell did that happen?"

Can't wait to hear how things are now that you're getting use to being a new mom!!


Finally! An updated! With promises for more!

You rock my world, even without the scary and exciting birth story. Will you ever post a picture? If not, I swear I would keep it under lock and key if you sent me a picture via email...

Congrats, again, MM. Amazing.


Oh Dear God did they disimpact you? I've had to do that to someone ONE and only one time and I don't know who was more traumatized, me or him. After that I told every doctor nurses weren't allowed to do that.

I really want to hear about the septum and the blood loss. I lost over 2 liters and needed four transfusions but they are blaming it on complications from the last miscarriage, not the septum. Interesting (though scary).

fisher queen

Oh my God my heart is still pounding. How terrifying and painful! I'm so glad you all are well now.


Dear MM, that was utterly amazing. My heart is racing too.

I know this is a funny question to ask at this point, but do you have red hair? I'm just asking because a friend of mine went through that awful bleeding during birth too, and when she told us that story, my husband said: "Redheads." It turns out redheads are statistically far more prone to hemorrhages. Don't ask me why.

Anything to believe that is wasn't the scar tissue...


I am so sorry you had such a terrifying experience. I had a very similar experience with the baby blue and not breathing and me bleeding profusely--such a weird, scary combination. So glad you both are okay.


Somehow this post didn't come through on my bloglines and may did I miss something. What a horror! But I am so glad that you and LL are doing well now.


I don't want a baby anymore.....horrific!

Must learn to stop reading birth stories.
Glad bub is safe with you now.


Wow! That is one of the most dramatic birth stories I've ever heard. I'm so sorry it was so...gory...and scary. And SO SO glad the little one is doing well!

alexandra/Infertile Gourmet

Congratulations!!!! How did I miss this? I am so glad things are on there way to normal :) Wow about the birth...and ouch :(


I want an update, dammit! I know you're out there.


Oh my god, what a story! I am so glad that it has a happy ending but man oh man that was a lot to endure!

I'm adding my request for a photo o LL!


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