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So are you freaking out yet? 2cm is awesome! Baby day is just around the corner. Good luck!!


Glad to hear all is well--you've been in my thoughts. And yes, 2 cm already is great! Wishing you a safe, speedy,construction-guy free delivery.


OMG!!!!!!!! You're so almost there! Wow. I was so happy and excited for you when you "wound up pg." You are going to deliver little Cletus SOON! I'm just so thrilled for you and MR. Limbo. Zen is a good way to handle it. Hang in there and don't worry. Make sure you have some diapers on hand, although they'll give you some at the hospital. I'll go boil some water...

fisher queen

Zen is good. All Cletus will need is a boob and a place to sleep!


You already have some kind of post-delivery contract made up for your baby to "sign" with his footprint or something that says if s/he ever gives you as much stress as s/he did while the little person was cooking, you reserve the right to send her/him to live with the afore mentioned construction workers...


I can't wait. Who is posting for you when you go into labor? The least you can do is get a post out when that happens after leaving us hanging for weeks at a time. I'm bossy, aren't I.


Sounds like all systems go - good luck!

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