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That's OK if you are still detached, just as long as you have a car seat already. The rest will come.

I think that for as many trips you have had to make to the ER w/bleeding and whatnot that Cletus better grow up to be a doctor.


Calm yourself girl. P. was born at 36w1d weighing 5lbs 14 1/2 ozs and is doing just fine. I imagine you will not give birth for at least a little while longer, giving Cletus the chance to gain a little more weight. Out of curiosity, have they speculated how much Cletus would weigh if he goes to term? It's just that my MIL seems to think P. would have been a behemoth had she gone to term and I think she's on crack. Surely they don't gain like, 3lbs in the last few weeks.

I started to panic at about 35 weeks. I worried that I wouldn't make a good mother (debatable)and that I wouldn't have any of the stuff I needed. As it happens, I didn't have a lot of what I needed, but hey...you go out and you buy it. No big deal. Trust me. If I'm wrong, hunt me down and pelt me with dirty diapers or something.


I'm glad all is going well. I'm with DD- all you need is a car seat- the rest is unimportant or can be figured out when the time comes. Oh, and the weight gain- I hear you. I gained 50ish pounds and my son was only 5 lbs 14 oz. The good news is that I lost it within 5 months post-partum.


My boys are six weeks old and I still don't quite believe it happened. I went through labor and delivery without actually believing I was having babies. I didn't believe it even after they were here.

And I can't believe UHC is paying for massages! I'm still trying to get them to pay all the claims from my IVF. And I used to work for them.


Oh the joys of the internal exam......and......we get to go.back.next.week.for.another.one. I'm jealous you are 1 cm dilated. I was nada, nil zilch. I did start having a little cramping over the weekend so we'll see what we get on Friday. I have my c-section scheduled for Sept 28th but the doc thinks I'll go into labor before then. I am not even worried about that part of it- I think it's the detachment thing. I actaully am still not sure I'm going to have a baby. This fella in my belly weighs about 7 lbs and they put on an oz a day in the last few weeks - at least I think I heard or read that somewhere. I also have a baby with a big head measuring 10cm across- yikes!!!!!!!!! When do you see the doc again?


Thank goodness for the update! All the stats sound good, great even. You know, at this point, some pregnancy books suggest a little perineal stretching to get you ready for the main event. Ha! Do you think you can get that covered by the ins. co.?

Forget the Pulitzer...you could win the Nobel Prize in Worrying and/or Low Pain Threshold.

So glad to hear all is well and that you're starting to freak out about the labor part of the equation. Hopefully it's a sign of the exciting things to come. (Say it with me now: hee-hee, who-who, ha-ha, breathe, hee-hee, who-who, ha-ha...well, you get the idea.)


They told me that I was 1 cm at my last internal, but I actually think I was 0 cm until she started forcing her hand up there. Yeah, it is not fun.

As far as weight gain -- personally I'm hoping to pee out about 23 pounds. It works that way right? Much better than pushing it out your hooha. Yikes!


I think that the detachment is totally normal and I'm sure that over time - if not immediately - that sense of detachment will fade, once you start being able to get to know cletus. You are going to post a picture aren't you? Just one?


My girl is six months and I still can't believe it sometimes (and it used to annoy me NO END when people would say this). Oh and she was only 5 lbs 10 oz and I gained 54 pounds. Um, I wish I were Leggy.


As a fellow "Special Shaped Uterus" gal I was very interested to read this.
I got butterflies when I realised how close you are. I am really excited....but understand your anxiety. Please don't have a heart attack :)


What is going on? Update!


You're so close!!!! I'm getting very excited for you.

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