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fisher queen

Don't know the song, but am v. jealous of your massage access. Happy 35 weeks!


The DBT's never go away but hopefully in the next few weeks we'll actually be holding a real live baby. Can you believe we've hit 35 weeks?


It's called "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" by Modjo - I lve that song, too!

35 weeks! Damn! I'm so excited gor you guys! Have you started getting Cletus' room ready? Have a great weekend. On a sucky norte, my brother is dying, so I'm going out there to help my mom & dad. Still in shick, but I want to say good bye.

O, and you must post before and after pics of your bathroom! xoxoxo


I meant to write after your last post about freaking out while buying the baby stuff. Even though you've been through a lot that may prevent what I'm about to suggest, I want to encourage you to find moments to enjoy. When you get a baby out of all this, your life, peace, sanity will probably go the way of the disco ball (and when you see them again, it may actually be in a faux-smoke-filled room).

I'm sure people have told you this before, and I hope it's not too babydust for you. However, maybe a smidge of babydust is in order? That's all, just a smidge.

Feel free to tell me to shut my fat yap. It won't be the first time. :)

Oh, and what's your insurance plan and where do you get those massages? I would drive the whole day to get me a reimbursable massage!


35 weeks! Holy Moly! Really? The home straight, toots! At last. You've waited so long....I'll be keeping an eye on you, so exciting.


Dear MM, that's fabulous news! Enjoy the massages...

35 weeks? Home stretch, baby, home stretch!


I'll be my usual beacon of hope and joy. I only made it to 36 weeks, but up until I was holding the baby on my chest I assumed the worst. It didn't help that my early labour was marked by bleeding, which I attributed to certain fetal death.

We've been through all of this shit for so long, how are we not to worry? It's only natural. Just think, about 31 weeks of worry are behind you and you're very nearly done. I can't wait until you're at the stage that you're telling us all of your real, live baby.


Ooh, how nice about the massages! Aren't those tables lovely?

And many congrats on 35 weeks!


2 massages a week?? What is this beacon of light insurance company? Congrats on 35 weeks - well actually it's around 37 now? Woo hoo!

Oh and no baby beat home heartbeat monitor for you?


What fantastic insurance coverage! Maybe you're even getting a nice massage as I type. Sounds heavenly.
I have found the DBTs to be just as intense since I have nothing to keep me occupied but lying around monitoring their movements.

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