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EXTRA Valium? Oh sweetie, any that I've been able to stash about the house has long disappeared like "a fart in the wind."

Just don't wait until it's too late for an epi. I had to threaten bodily injury to the nurse's first born to get mine.


hey girl, 32 weeks, you're doing just fine. Hang in there!


So glad you weren't in labor buddy. We need to try and hang on for another few weeks. I'm hoping for delivery at 38 weeks!!!!!!!!!!


Oooooh, yes, please hang in there, although you're doing great! I know you don't want to tempt fate by getting stuff for the baby, but get what you can now - I was hoping I'd go late, and was induced early. We didn'y have one frickin' diaper in the house! Get everything you need now, this way you don't have to worry about that stuff when your little wee one makes their entrance! I am so happy for you guys... How about a belly pic? You can crop the head if you want (I did with all mine, I was stunned at just how unphotogenic I am).


NO lifting! My god, girl, if anytime you can play the "I can't lift a finger" card is being 8+ mos pregnant! Now go sit on the couch and eat ice cream!!

fisher queen

What is this too much weight thing? I've read that 28-40 lbs is perfectly fine (nervously eyeing my huge ice cream bloated self). Hang in there- you've still got a few weeks!


Eesh, I'm glad everything turned out OK. Sorry you had such an unpleasant experience, though. Stupid jerk resident.

And I know what you mean about KBPT. I lived and taught high school there for several years. It's a pretty town but touristy for sure. I still love it though (despite the fact that the Bushes spend summers there). I went up for a visit on the 4th. Funny to think that we almost crossed paths.


Dear MM, boy did you give me a fright! No more lifting, no more visiting L&D before it's time, OK? Gah you poor thing. I'm so glad it wasn't labor.

I'm glad you had a nice vacation, in all...


That post scared ME, so i can only guess that it scared YOU 100x more. Stop that. Now. You behave.



Yeah, what they said. NO more lifting you dingbat!

Glad to hear you had a good break. And cookies and lobster sound wonderful to me, 30 pound gain be damned.


Tsk tsk!
Thanks for the links....love pink! Take Care toots!


I, too had an in-store breakdown. We were in the middle of Babies R Us and I just freaked the fuck out about how much there was to do and started crying. It felt like the good old days when I was doped up on fertility meds and would start crying in grocery stores. Ahhh...

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