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Sophie D

I am glad you wrote! Not that it is the exact same but we are adopting (on the waiting list for about a month now) and my sisters want to throw me a shower and I told them no - I feel it would jinx it. So - I do know kinda what you mean even though it is a different situation. Have a fun vacation - I am from the east coast myself and just got back from 4 days on the atlantic ocean in Maine - wonderful! Sophie D

Stevie Nicks

Did that bitch steal my kankle boots, too?!


So nice to see your voice again! You are coming right along, girl.


Ugh, sorry about the glucose test. I hope this morning's test proves the last one (and the horrible Nurse Twat) wrong.

And, I had the exact same issue when I was trying to come up with a shower list -- so many people whose showers I had avoided or hadn't contacted in ages, because I was too caught up in my own shit, or because I didn't want to be around their babies... So let's just say that my shower is going to be "intimate."

Third trimester, mm!!! That's very very cool.


My MIL threw me a shower 3 weeks before my due date, which was a little close for my tastes, but as she knew (almost) everything we've been through, I was glad it was late "just in case". It was really lovely and I'm so glad I had it. At 36 weeks, the worry was down considerably if anything should have come up. Maybe you could do that. I say relish and enjoy it. For myself, I doubted that we'd ever get to do this again, so it was our one big hurrah. I can't believe you're already at 28 weeks! Yay! Go you! I'm so happy for you!


hey congrats! I know exactly what you mean about the shower - but you can do a non-traditional (non-gift opening) and just chat w/ your buds - makes for a nice change (there was no way I was going to be the center of attention at one of those hideous oohing and aahing parades). Funny though - I just started writing a post about IF and the friends is costs...

Hotel/pool or Ocean?


Hi T-

Yeah, I think I'd like to just get together with friends... esp bc I haven't seen so many of them in so long! So maybe that's an idea. As for hotel... ideal setup would be ocean AND a pool. Ocean for looking at and pool for swimming. The older I get the more creeped out I get by murky water!


OH, you have to have some kind of shower - have to. Baby related crap is tres expensive - and good golly there is so much of it! I was totally loathing mine, but it worked out quite nicely in the end - was more, dare I say it, fun, than I thought it could be. I absolutely endorse getting away. We went to Puerto Rico - it was a lovely time.

Third trimester, woo hoo!!

fisher queen

Maybe do a coed cocktail party shower? Much less pressure. We love the Sanderling on the Outer Banks in NC. Beautiful spot on the ocean, great spa. I'm not sure about local hospitals. Hub and I are planning a trip to the Homestead in southwestern VA in Sept. We've never been, but it's one of those grand old hotels w/spa. Spas are important to me, can you tell? I checked to see if there were hosptials nearby, and there are, but I don't know about their NICU units.

fisher queen

Another thought- my friend went to the Canyon Ranch in Lennox MA this spring. Lots o' $ but she loved it. Let me know where you end up going!


People who haven't gone through IF never understand why you can't relax during pregnancy. I even went so far to tell my coworkers (when I finally told them when I was 5 months along--I wasn't fool anyone by wearing my coat all day long in the middle of spring) not to do anything.


Sounds like you are doing fine, despite the glucose problems.

I would let them throw you a shower. You don't have to talk about 'baby', and you would get lots of loot.


You are right about your glucose levels. They are not indicitive of whether you have been "a bad, bad girl" You should tell that nurse where to shove it- politely of course!!!! I'm so glad things are going well. You should let your friends throw you a shower. After all you've been through, it would be nice to do a little celebrating although I do understand your reluctance.


I highly recommend the Sanctuary Resort at Kiawah Island (where the Medical University of South Carolina hospital is only 30 minutes away). I was there in June and it was just gorgeous.

I can't believe you haven't opened the box from your grandmother yet. I would have totally caved. Highly impressive show of willpower!


Dear MM, sorry I've been away for so long. I wonder if you've had your break by the sea yet, and how you're doing now that you're -- gulp -- 30 weeks! That is wonderful to contemplate.

Your grandmother was using "discreet eyes," I'll bet. And how cute that you haven't opened your gift yet -- but I think I can imagine not doing it either. As for a baby shower, do go for it -- if you lay down a few ground rules, I'm sure your friends would be thrilled to go along with them.

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