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I thought you had forgot about me....now I feel a squishy inside (uh, that's a good thing?).

I hope the suspicious spot on your nose is just a case of pregnancy hormones screwing with just more than your uterus.

fisher queen

Oh I miss my 80s jewelry! And I want to come eat at your place-


omg Laura Ashley! I was all about it. Some girl who hated me in college called me Holly HObby cuz of my flowy floral garb. Yeah, mine is all gone now :-(


Dried fruit is better chilled...you're not alone on that one. And embarrasing to admit, but I BAWLED the first time I heard the Bono/Mary J. Blige version of "One". Granted I was surfing a hormone wave of epic proportions, but still...highly embarrasing.

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