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I'm totally with you on the Dixie Chicks. The first comment on their Celebrity Baby Blog story? Me.

Glad to hear that Cletus is doing well, despite your body being a pain in the ass. Well done to your uterus for me.


You stole that Cletus the Fetus from me as that's what I guessed Dooneybug nicknamed Junebug! Man! Is nothing sacred? So, yeah, I like it. It's rather catchy.

I want the meme. MEME, MEME, MEME!

Actually I'm glad you updated especially knowing that the placenta is staying where it should. I wouldn't even mind if you updated to let us know how many slices of bread were left or that you've wiped away that spiderweb in the corner for the 8th time and it keeps. coming. back.


I can't believe your friend is still doing okay- I guess I thought it was all over when your water breaks. I hope she can make it as long as possible and that the baby has a fighting chance.
No wonder you are freaked- hell, I'm freaked and I'm not pregnant and don't even know her.
I know what you mean re: body issues and being pregnant. I gained 50 pounds with my son and by the end outgrew my maternity clothes and had to beg, borrow and steal tent dresses from co-workers who'd be recently pregnant. Its one thing to have the cute little bulge- its another to just feel huge all over- face, arms, thighs, etc. And when you're IVF or high-risk, no exercise is allowed so you just get bigger and bigger and bigger.
I'm with DD- just let us know if your still here once or week or so, okay? Otherwise, we have to worry.


I don't mind looking pregnant (actually I like it) but the look of horror on people's faces when I tell them I still have two months to go I could do without. And I STILL don't like when people feel like it's ok to talk about my pregnancy when I don't even know them. It's just weird. And I still catch myself holding back an "if they survive" comment.


congratulations on getting this far, it really is amazing. And don't feel bad about moaning about your body. I totally know about being at war with your body. I'm sure if I ever get pregnant I'll feel the same way.

Keeping it all crossed for you.


I'm so glad you updated and are okay! I'm still just thrilled that you're pg! I hated my body when I was pg- had small bump, but big bum. So that was just great. Take pictures anyway - you can always not look at them, but you can't go back and take them. I wish I had taken more, even though I didn't like the way the way I looked. I never stopped worrying, and found that now that he's here, I still worry, although not a nervous wreck - too exhausting & lack of sleep is exhausting enough. Best wishes to you and please keep us posted. All bits dutifully crossed!


Dear MM, it's good to hear from you! I'm glad everything seems to be progressing so well. Long, long may it continue!


Go Cletus! So excited for you that all is well thus far (it's hard to knock that disclaimer, I know). I know what you mean about having some mixed feelings or feeling less than what you would have expected. That's normal, I"m sure. At least I felt that way too (and, of course, I am a paragon of normalcy). You are really far along - how wonderful. Hope it all continues along smoothly.

fisher queen

I am really hoping to avoid that amnio needle too. Really, really hoping. I know what you mean about random people knowing you're pregnant- they don't know the real story.


Good to see an update!

I like the line about her shock at the "easy way" comment. Right. IVF is the easiest way I can think of.

I'm not usually a big fan of celeb gossip, but I'm all for anyone raising awareness of the "easy way" to parenthood.

PS there is not rule that says you have to love pregnancy just because you tried so hard to get that way. Not all women enjoy being pregnant.

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