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OK. That's a HUGE language barrier going on with Eslut. How big is your body was how bad was the spotting?!

I'm very happy to hear that things look good. I'm sure your doctor would've called right away if something looked questionable. No news is good news.


Too funny . . . glad everything is good with baby.

fisher queen

I'm happy to hear all is well, though wish they'd call you back sooner just to ease your nerves.


Glad to know all is okay.


Oh for heaven's sake. You'd think more or less getting your message across would be, like, important for an ultrasound tech. Sheesh! I'm glad, though, that all looks well.

(Dr. TV never gets her messages? Weak. Very weak.)

Enjoy your Cheet0s!


OMG, that is both funny and scary. Good thing your translator was there. Hope you get a call soon, but I'm guessing no news is good news.


Eslut!! Chortle.

Lets assume the best for now, kay?


This cracked me up! What's your due date again. Mine is October 6th.

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