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Delurking to say how much I love The Office. I adore Jim, but I suppose I'll let you have him since you called him first. But, I get shotgun!


Oh, Jim. Dear, funny, sweet, smart, loveable Jim. I just want to tousle his hair. Then make out with him. A lot.

But now that he's yours, I guess that's not an option.

I'll stick with Steve Merchant then, thankyouverymuch.


Yeah, Jim & the Officce are aweome, but I'm all about Tom Welling on Smallville. Season 5 has been brilliant, and he's just so damned hot. Jim's all yours, missy. ; )


Oh, he is swoon worthy, for sure!


I just cracked up at your last post.I'm having my ultrasound on Sunday. I'm glad all is well.


Okay... getting anxious, haven't heard from you. How's everything going?


Couldn't find your e-mail address on here? Am I just totally missing it? Could you e-mail to your RE's info? My e-mail addy is msluscious@gmail.com


Dear MM, I hope everything is going well. Thinking of you.

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