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Good luck tomorrow!


Good luck tomorrow. Yes, I subscribe to my own feed, but I didn't see anything amiss. What are you seeing? I'm just finding that for some reason my url has some kind of error and won't publish- ugh!


Now I'm paranoid, and I do subscribe to my feed. Who's being naughty?

Those damn screens. In the olden days (5 years ago) it was a triple screen. We did that; the fancy US and then an amnio. I think the fact X is related to his father threw off the results - you know, 'cause he's so weird.


Good luck today!!!

fisher queen

Good luck. I'll be checking on you.


Hope everything went well today. Thinking of you.


Good luck! Please post whne you know something - everything is crossed for you. A friend of mine had a positive test, but didn't terminate. Her son was just fine. Sometimes if a verebra isn't properly formed , it will give a positive reading, even though the malformation is so slight it doesn't affect the child life at all. Hang in there, can't blame you for worrying - I'm a worry wart, too. Even with the wee one now here - it never ends.


Good Luck . . . hope it was only good news!


Dear MM, I hope your ultrasound brought only good news. Please update when you can.

Good news on your friend!

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